The Foundations of Chinese Medicine

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The latest edition of this hugely popular volume continues to provide readers in the West with a clear explanation of the theory and practice of Chinese medicine. Richly illustrated and fully updated throughout, Foundations of Chinese Medicine retains its careful structure to present the subject in a systemized manner which ranges from first principles to the diagnosis and management of a wide range of disease states. NOW WITH AN ACCOMPANYING WEBSITE containing an extensive bank of review and test material, the latest edition of this important volume has been redesigned to provide a more accessible, up-to-date feel to the content to enhance the reader's learning experience. Offering a unique combination of rigorous scholarship together with a wealth of clinical experience, Maciocia's Foundations of Chinese Medicine will be ideal for all students of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as well as qualified practitioners needing to stay up-to-date with changes in the field. "For the student or practitioner of Chinese medicine this is a definitive text book." Reviewed by Jim Young on behalf of glycosmedia.com, Aug 2015
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  • Баркод 9780702052163
  • Издателство Elsevier Health Sciences
  • ISBN 9780702052163
  • Брой страници 1320
  • Книга - година 2015 г.
  • Корица Hardback
  • Тегло 2.68 кг.
  • Размери 204 x 255 x 56

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