55,00 лв.

Avatar The Last Airbender--The Promise Omnibus

Gene Luen Yang, Dave Scheidt, Sara Goetter
Dark Horse
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55,00 лв.
Aang and friends must join together once again as the four nations' tenuous peace is threatened by an impasse between Fire Lord Zuko and Earth King Kuei! As the world heads toward another devastating war, Aang's friendship with Zuko throws him into the m
Информация за "Avatar The Last Airbender--The Promise Omnibus"
  • Жанр Martial arts, Post-apocalyptic, Horror, Supernatural, Slice of life, Drama, Science fiction, Action ‎, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy ‎, Isekai, Thriller, Sports, Cyberpunk, Mystery, Adventure ‎, Dystopian, Yuri, Yaoi, Ecchi, Harem, Sword and sorcery, Historical, Coming-of-age, Autobiographical, Philosophical, Suspense, Psychological, Political thriller, Magical girl, Epic, Apocalyptic, Mecha, Girls with guns
  • Брой страници 224
  • Вид корица Мека
  • Година на издаване 2020
  • Националност автор САЩ
  • Размер см 15.2 x 21.9 см.
  • Серия Avatar The Last Airbender

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