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Caste Heaven, Vol. 8

Chise Ogawa
Viz Media
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22,00 лв.

Today’s top could be tomorrow’s bottom when playing the caste game!

School is hard enough as it is, but when students are forced to play a cutthroat game to determine their social ranks—and subsequent treatment—all bets are off.

Karino slips up by publicly shielding Azusa, the target, during Eno’s frenzied public hunt for him. Branded a failure as a king, Karino is quickly dragged from his throne, and once again, class 2-1 must play the caste game. Then, ten years after their tumultuous high school days, what futures have Azusa, Karino, and the others been able to make for themselves?


Информация за "Caste Heaven, Vol. 8"
  • SKU 9781974734139
  • Илюстратор Chise Ogawa
  • Част в поредица 8
  • ISBN 9781974734139
  • Оригинално име Caste Haven
  • Автор Chise Ogawa
  • Издателство Viz Media
  • Език Английски
  • Жанр Romance, Yaoi
  • Брой страници 218
  • Вид корица Мека
  • Година на издаване 2023
  • Националност автор Япония
  • Поредица Caste Heaven
  • Размер см 13 x 21 см.
  • Серия Caste Heaven
  • Тип Manga

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