18,00 лв.

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 15

Akira Toriyama
18,00 лв.

Goku’s adventure from the best-selling classic manga Dragon Ball continues in this new series written by Akira Toriyama himself!

Ever since Goku became Earth’s greatest hero and gathered the seven Dragon Balls to defeat the evil Boo, his life on Earth has grown a little dull. But new threats loom overhead, and Goku and his friends will have to defend the planet once again in this continuation of Akira Toriyama’s best-selling series, Dragon Ball!

Goku finally manages to activate the complete version of Ultra Instinct, and he’s got Moro on the ropes. However, Moro has one more trick up his sleeve… Having stocked Merus’s Ultra Instinct, Moro is about to give Goku a taste of his own medicine! Can Goku win against another user of that divine power?!

Информация за "Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 15"
  • SKU 9781974725175
  • Илюстратор Toyotarou
  • Тегло кг 0,162
  • Част в поредица 15
  • ISBN 9781974725175
  • Автор Akira Toriyama
  • Издателство Viz Media
  • Език Английски
  • Брой страници 192
  • Вид корица Мека
  • Година на издаване 2022
  • Националност автор Япония
  • Поредица Dragon Ball Super
  • Размер см 14 x 21

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