18,00 лв.

Fly Me to the Moon, Vol. 7

Kenjiro Hata
18,00 лв.

First comes marriage, then comes an earthbound love that is out of this world!

From the day his parents named him, Nasa Yuzaki has felt connected to outer space...whether he likes it or not. His efforts to outperform the space program veer off course when an accident introduces him to Tsukasa, a mysterious girl with strange powers. Is she an alien, a moon goddess or something else? Since she insists on marrying him, Nasa will have plenty of chances to find out!

After a long day and a longer night apart, Tsukasa and Nasa grow closer than ever. Their marriage gets downright steamy as they practice kissing, give each other shoulder masages, share a futon (gasp!) and even plan a proper romantic honeymoon. Also, Tsukasa drags Nasa to a movie marathon to catch him up on her favorite superhero film franchise. She hasn't lost sight of her priorities here.

Информация за "Fly Me to the Moon, Vol. 7"
  • SKU 9781974719259
  • Илюстратор Kenjiro Haata
  • Тегло кг 0.181
  • Част в поредица 7
  • Автор Kenjiro Hata
  • Издателство Viz Media
  • Език Английски
  • Жанр Martial arts, Post-apocalyptic, Adventure ‎
  • Брой страници 192
  • Вид корица Мека
  • Година на издаване 2021
  • Националност автор Япония
  • Поредица Fly Me to the Moon
  • Размер см 12 x 19
  • Серия Fly Me to the Moon
  • Тип Manga

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