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Антоний Ханджийски, Вяра Канджева
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We offer you: - to have a unique walking guided tour through the ancient town of Koprivshtitsa along several tourist routes; - to see and understand the technological methods of the ancient Koprivshtitsa crafts, such as making of the famous handmade carpets and rugs, felts and thick woollen blankets, knitted socks and home slippers, as well as the fairy laces; - to taste and enjoy the unique traditional Koprivshtitsa meals - trienica (mash of little balls of dough), kurtmach (meal, made from a thick sheep milk), stew with plums, sausages, dried fruit compote, a lot of different jams, pine honey, etc. Walking along the ancient cobblestone pavements of the streets of the only town-museum in Bulgaria you will feel the greatness and the Renaissance spirit of the times that had passed long ago. You will have the chance to hear the fast steps of the rebels led by Kableshkov; you will be charmed by the beauty of colours, sounds and old spacious richly decorated houses; you will feel the proud spirit of the legendary Benkovski and touch the romantic yard of Debelianovs house with the white blossoms of its morello-trees! The beauty of poetry and the harmony of songs will be remain your heart forever!

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  • Език Английски
  • Брой страници 160
  • Вид корица Твърда
  • Година на издаване 2005
  • Националност автор България
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