Wilde: The Complete Works

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The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde.

Playwright, novelist, essayist, poet and epigrammatist, Oscar Wilde was Ireland's greatest and most inspired wit. Today he is remembered for the brilliance of his writing, and this complete edition of his works contains all his plays, his only novel, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, as well as his essays, poems and stories for children, The Happy Prince and Other Tales, and his more worldly stories for adults, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories. Illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley, illustrator, caricaturist, poster-designer and novelist, and Charles Robinson, one of the most popular black-and-white artists of the Edwardian era.

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Информация за “Wilde: The Complete Works” от Oscar Wilde

  • Книга - година 2011 г.
  • Корица Hardback
  • Тегло 2.01 кг.
  • Размери 305 x 243 x 39

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