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Patsy Cline - The Ultimate Collection, Patsy Cline

Албум Patsy Cline - The Ultimate Collection

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Цена: 19.99 лв.
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01. A church, a courtroom and then goodbye
02. Honky Tonk Merry go around
03. Hidin' out
04. I cried all the way to the altar
05. I've loved and lost again
06. Dear god
07. Walkin' after midnight
08. Fingerprints
09. A stranger in my arms
10. Try again
11. Then you'll know
12. Three cigaretes in an ashtray
13. He will do for you
14. A poor man's roses (or a rich man's gold)
15. Hungry for love
16. I can't forget
17. That wonderful someone
18. Stop the world (and let me off)
19. If I could see the world (through the eyes of a child)
20. Cry not for me
21. Just out of reach (of my two open arms)
22. Never no more
23. Walking dream
24. In care of the blues
25. Turn the cards slowly


01. Come on in
02. Love, love, love me honey
03. I'm blue again
04. Too many secrets
05. Lovesick blues
06. I don't wanta
07. There he goes
08. Don't ever leave me again
09. Let the teardrops fall
10. If I could only stay asleep
11. Yes I understand
12. Life's railway to heaven
13. Just a closer walk with thee
14. Today, tomorrow and forever
15. Crazy dreams
16. The heart you break may be your own
17. I can see an angel
18. Gotta lotta rhythm in my soul
19. Stop, look and listen
20. I love you honey
21. Pick me up on your way down
22. How can I face tomorrow
23. I'm moving along
24. Ain't no wheel on this ship
25. Crazy 

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Информация за “Patsy Cline - The Ultimate Collection”

  • Баркод 4006408381310
  • Изпълнител Patsy Cline
  • Носител 2 CD
  • Компания -
  • Година на издаване 2004 г.

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