22,90 лв.

Peach Boy Riverside, Vol. 1

22,90 лв.

There's demon-slaying action galore in this stylish update to a Japanese folktale from the creator of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid! The rambunctious, teenage Princess Saltherine is fed up with being trapped behind high walls and engineers an escape. But this world is full of monsters both human and otherwise, and it could be Sally herself is one of them... Watch for the anime adaptation, coming July 2021!

This world is full of monsters, both human and otherwise…
Saltherine, princess of the Kingdom of Aldarake, dreams of traveling the world…a dangerous dream in a land where monsters roam the countryside! A chance meeting with a wanderer named Mikoto gives her hope that she might still find excitement in her life. But then she discovers the wanderer’s true identity: Momotaro the Peach Boy, demon slayer of legend! Though terrified by his bloody profession, Sally feels driven to follow Momotaro and learn more. But is this curiosity, or a magical connection that goes deeper than either of them realize…?

Информация за "Peach Boy Riverside, Vol. 1"
  • SKU 9781646513390
  • Илюстратор Johanne
  • Тегло кг 0.227
  • Част в поредица 1
  • ISBN 9781646513390
  • Оригинално име Peach Boy Riverside
  • Автор Coolkyousinnjya
  • Издателство Kodansha Comics
  • Език Английски
  • Жанр Horror, Action, Adventure
  • Брой страници 192
  • Вид корица Мека
  • Година на издаване 2021
  • Националност автор Япония
  • Поредица Peach Boy Riverside
  • Размер см 14.6 х 21 см.
  • Серия Peach Boy Riverside
  • Тип Manga
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