Perperikon: a civilization of the rock people, Николай Овчаров, 9789545001402

Perperikon: a civilization of the rock people

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Doctor of science in history, senior research associate with the Institute of Archaeology and a Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, professor with the International Slav University in Moscow. Member of the Research Board of the American Institute of Biographies. Holder of certificate as a publicly acknowledged expert issued by the National Convent of Experts. Honorary citizen of the city of Kardzhali. His interests lie in the field of ancient art, architecture and epigraphy, problems of medieval history as well as in sea history and archaeology. His archaeological activity was crowned with the discovery of the rock city of Perperikon and the sanctuary of Orpheus near the village Tatoul in the Eastern Rodopi Mountains. He has written more than 220 research works of which 22 treatises as well as books. About 70 papers have been published abroad or in foreign language research journals published in Bulgaria. His research works have been published in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Greek, Serbian and Romanian. Some of his books and articles have been published in Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Austria, Holland, Italy, Malta, Poland, Czech, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Moldova, Georgia.

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  • Брой страници 159
  • Книга - година 2009 г.
  • Корица Твърда

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